Monday, March 3, 2008

Pinoy Tagalog Post No. 1


Lito Lapid: Why did you write me such a long speech? The people were bored. Secretary: Sir, I gave you a 20-minute speech, plus the two duplicate copies you wanted.


Doctor: 6 months na lang ang buhay mo! Mag-asawa ka na ng pangit at bungangera.

Lalaki: Gagaling ba ako?

Doctor: Hind, pero at least, gugustuhin mo nang mamatay.


I was once asked by a curious 4 year old boy. A question that made my jaw drop and leave me puzzled till this time. The boy said, "Ano po ang animal sound ng giraffe?"


Ngayong valentine's day: Blue roses for lovers, white chocolates for crushes, pink balloons for friendships. Most of all, for loveless, red... Redhorse!


Patient: Magkano ang magpaface-lift?

Doctor: Complete treatment, P145000.

Patient: Ang mahal! Ano ba ang pinakamurang treatment para magmukha akong bata?

Doktor: Eto, tsupon, P20 lang.


Anonymous said...

corny.. haahaa

walang kachallenge2.. grrrrr

jhezmieltrece said...

wala n abang bago

jhezmieltrece said...

sana naman ung modern hehehe

Paula Lewis said...

I absolutely respect and appreciate your point on each and every object.
funny status for FB

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